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Butterfly patients in Iran

Burning sores, blisters and sore throats ... These few words describe just a few minutes of a butterfly patient's day. Patients with EB in Iran, like all butterfly patients in the world, are suffering from a new pain at any moment, recurrent, severe and incurable pain. EB Home as the only official support center for patient has identified about 750 dear butterfly patients and it has been providing medical and welfare services to these dear ones since 2016.

About EB Home

EB Home is the only official center for butterfly patients. A house founded on the pretext of an EB patient. Seyyed Hamidreza Hashemi Golpayegani, the founder of EB Home and the father of a butterfly patient, decided to take responsibility for providing services and support to all butterfly patients in Iran. A legal institution called EB Home has been established to make a sense of optimism in Iranian butterfly patients. At present, Iran EB Home operates as the only official support center for EB patients in Tehran.
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The needs of Iranian butterfly patients

Butterfly patients' wounds never heal, but calm down, so far, the only way to heal butterfly patients’ wounds is to use dressings, repair creams, and supplements. “I feel better when my body hurts less with bandages”. “It seems that my burning sensation is less and I can play games and do the homework without fear.” “You know, if I don't have a dressing, my wounds will stick to my skin, and if I hit somewhere, I will suffer a lot.” We have narrated one of the butterfly patients’ experience so that you can be fully aware of the need for dressings and medical supplements.

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EBHome Services

Our organization has repeatedly sent medical packages to the butterfly patients.

Providing medical packages

Our organization has repeatedly sent medical packages to the butterfly patients

Financial aid

Taking care of the EB patients costs a fortune. EB House supports them financially, so they could buy medicine and take better care of themselves.

Raising awareness and social working

Our colleagues call patients on a daily basis and occasionally, pay them a visit in every corner of the country, in order to raise their awareness about the disease and give them moral support.

Sending Covid-19 prevention packs

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, our organization started to provide patients with prevention packs.

Fulfilling their wishes

In order to give patients moral supports, with help from our donors, EB House provides patients with what they wish to have, a wheelchair, a tablet or ....

Providing medical support

EB House is not a medical center, but we refer patients to other medical centers and support them with its cost, dentistry, surgery and ....

Butterfly patients’ dressing sanction

Butterfly patients were always ready to endure small and great pains, but with the arrival of May 2018, everything has been changed. The painful headline of the dressing sanction was bigger than butterfly children’s small world. The news was short and bitter but real. The company that manufactures dressings for butterfly patients was banned from cooperating and exporting dressings to Iran. Sanctions also overshadowed the most important needs of butterfly patients. EB patients were in an unequal war, and now EB patients and children have to live with greater pain in the absence of dressings. These days are not happy days for patients with EB in Iran. Bitter and long days ... But they are still hoping for happy days ... they are hoping for your support

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